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Hey there! I’m Brenton. I’m a strategy & operations executive, founder, passionate connector & insurtech thought leader living in Sydney.


I love making ideas happen. As a founder, startup exec, advisor and coach, I do this by inspiring and empowering others to do things differently, to solve big problems, build scalable businesses with purpose and to create the future.

My short 15 years’ experience helping entrepreneurs, teams and executives embrace new ways of thinking and doing business has taken me round the world from boardrooms to cafes to whiteboard sessions to conferences and beyond. This has enabled me to develop a unique perspective about leading and scaling innovation across both startups and big business. To demonstrate this, I was identified as one of Australia's Top 50 emerging leaders by the Australian Financial Review and University of Sydney. 

I am the Chief Operating Officer at Australia's Fastest Growing Company in 2017, Cover Genius and as a side-hustle, Co-Founder of Australia's first dedicated member organisation for insurtech, Insurtech Australia that I co-founded and launched in late 2017 following the success of Insurtech Sydney that I launched in 2016.

Photo Credit (incl. Header image):  Stephen Vincent Grace, Lens and Shutter

Photo Credit (incl. Header image): Stephen Vincent Grace, Lens and Shutter


In 2016 I also co-founded with my wife and business partner Shelley (in the same year as we got married!). Our purpose is to help people and founders create careers, businesses and lives they love. My previous escapades also include tax advisor, management consultant, snowboard instructor, university tutor, career coach and as a DJ for 12 years around the world. Who would have thought right?!

I am qualified Chartered Accountant, hold degrees from the University of South Australia, and have studied innovation and entrepreneurship at both Stanford and Oxford. 

I speak and write regularly on topics I am passionate about including innovation, insurtech, startups and professional development. If you share any of my passions, or would like to work together, please get in touch and check out my full profile on LinkedIn.


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The future is not a destination, it’s a direction.
— Ed Catmull, Creativity Inc.